Tyler Goold

Ranch Manager

Tyler’s combination of traditional cowboy skills and technical education in animal health and nutrition make him the perfect person to manage Cache Creek Natural Beef.

Tyler’s young age belies his extensive experience and considerable learning. Raised on a family ranch in Northern B.C., Tyler developed his passion for animals through cowboying, rodeo, and 4H. Tyler furthered his education with a degree in Agricultural Production and Management with a livestock major from the prestigious Olds College in Alberta. Following his degree, Tyler spent 7 years on the ranches and feedlots of Southern Alberta, learning the nuances of feeding and caring for cattle.

When he learned of the chance to “do things differently”, and finish cattle in a more natural way, he jumped at the chance. Tyler believes in moving slowly and handling all animals gently. You won’t find a cattle prod on Tyler’s ranch. Whether walking through the herd, starting a colt, or training a rope horse, Tyler believes in natural animal handling. The cattle in Tyler’s care live well.