Intensive Grazing: Healthy Pastures, Happy Cows

In the spring the cattle begin intensive pasturing. The cattle are moved to fresh pastures often so that before the pasture is over grazed they are on fresh grass. This is good for the animals because they are provided with a steady stream of younger plants which have a higher nutritional density Intensive grazing is also good for the land because the vegetation has time to renew it’s energy reserves, rebuild shoot systems and deepen root systems resulting in healthier grass plants. Intensive pasturing utilizes the natural cycle of regeneration rather than overworking the land.Healthy Pastures, Happy cows.

Hormones, Steroids and antibiotics

At Cache Creek Natural Beef we know that healthy animals eating healthy feed will produce healthy, tasty meat. We do not use hormones, steroids or antibiotics on our animals as they grow. Much like a new kindergarden class with dozens of unfamiliar kids, feed lots tend to spread diseases because the vast number of cattle come from a number of different sources and are exposed to many minor diseases. Our cattle come from the same pastures and grow up together. Therefore, disease is extremely rare. The use of antibiotics is not necessary. However, in the interests of animal welfare we would not sacrifice an animal. If an animal is showing signs of illness, it is quickly moved to a “hospital pen”, kept for observation and pampered. Most animals quickly recover from minor maladies. However, if necessary, an animal would be treated with antibiotics and be removed from our program and sold to the conventional market.