Life Cycle

About 90% of the calves born in BC are shipped to Alberta to be finished and slaughtered. This is because Southern Alberta is close to the grain supply, and has huge feedlots and massive processing plants that achieve maximum economic efficiency. At Cache Creek Natural Beef the life cycle of our animals favours animal welfare and environmental stewardship over economic efficiency. Our animals live longer, graze longer, and are finished in comfort.

The Early Days

All of our calves are born in the spring on Rey Creek Ranch. A large ranch owned by our good friends the Garthwaite family, situated between Merritt and Logan Lake in the South Thompson. At birth a number of calves are selected for the Cache Creek Natural Beef program. The Calves spend the spring, summer, and early fall at their mothers side, roaming the vast ranch land and range of the South Thompson.

Rey Creek Round Up

In the fall the cattle are rounded up, weaned, and transported an hour down the road to the Cache Creek Ranch. During this time great care is taken to ensure that they have a minimum amount of stress. Once acclimated to the Cache Creek Ranch they are put out to pasture for the winter. Due to the unique arid climate of Cache Creek, the cattle are usually able to graze naturally all winter. When snow covers the ground, their diet is supplemented with with hay